Kmod-ipv6 in release 2.13

Hate to ask this but it is vexing me round the moons of Nibia. I’m building from trunk and by default kmod-ipv6 isn’t in the configuration, but it still works flawlessly. So I started digging and the docs say, BB and CC don’t need kmod-ipv6.

So I noticed that release 2.13 on the AR150 has kmod-ipv6. Am I wrong that it is built on CC, or is there a benefit to loading it that I’m missing?


2.13 is built on CC.


I see your wisdom in other things and wonder if you found an advantage others have missed.

The docs claim kmod-ipv6 isn’t “necessary” on CC and BB. By the same token, a mouse isn’t necessary to run a computer, but it sure helps.