L2tp Ipsec psk and other questions

Hi everyone. Thanks for the forum.

I have a problem.

I have to use this configuration:

  1. Gl. Inet GL-MT300N-V2 (or GL-AR300M16?) + modem USB with sim (it’s OK Alcatel IK40V-2BALIT1 ? 4G-LTE )
  2. Normal Tplink connected to gli. Inet via Wan with ethernet, after tplink give at home internet with ethernet and wifi.

Now. I have read many articles on the internet but everyone says different ways. Or say how to do ipsec server.

While I only need L2tp Ipsec / psk Client on my gl.inet

I have this data to access the server:

Server address
Precompiled key

Is all this feasible? What I do?

I did the tests on the L2tp ipsec/psk server with my Android smartphone and it reaches 60mb / s. Can gl.inet reach this speed or have limits?

Thanks a lot

Unfortunately L2TP via IPsec is not working good on the router. Even it works the speed will be several Mbps only.

We suggest you to use OpenVpn or wireguard.

Ok thanks.

But L2tp is faster than openvpn…

And wireguard is faster and more secure than L2tp :smiley:

You can check benchmarks here:

With IPSec, L2TP will be no faster.

Yes. But I need L2tp. Which router do you recommend? Or what is the best economic solution to use L2tp?

Thanks so much

If only l2tp you can use any router. You can set up in luci. Just no IPSec.

Please. Is there a guide about it? On routers gl. Inet? Thank you


Then go to WAN and edit


Man! I recomen MikroTik. L2TP/IPsec client wokr very very stable!