LAN access over wireguard

I have 2 flint GL 1800ax running wireguard. I recently started running a NAS on LAN of the client. The server is very remote (12 time zones away) and I am not physically there often. I am traveling there soon, is there anything I need to do on the client before I depart such that I will see it’s LAN when connected to the server. I have toggled on the option to see lan remotely

Second question, I also am buying a gl travel router, is it possible for one client to see the lan of a second client. If so, any special settings required?

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Are you meaning Allow Remote Access LAN?
It is usually enough to enable it. You can simply test it by adding another client profile on the server and then running it on the phone using the cellular network.

Yes enable remote access lan routing toggle. I am not located with the server currently. I am traveling back to where the server is later this week (12 time zones away) and just wanted to ensure I setup everything on the client side correctly before departing.

I am now located with the server and can not see the lan of the client. I can log into the admin page of the client router but it does not see the LAN (trying to access my NAS connected to client LAN). Any ideas on how to enable this would be very much appreciated

Do I need to open a port on the client? It work fine when I am local.

Do I need to adjust forwarding rules?

Note that the subnet of the two devices must be different. For example, if the subnet of the server is, the subnet of the client must avoid this subnet.