Lan-Client can‘t connect to the internet over vpn


I got a strange behaviour of a wired linux pc behind the eth1 of my ar300m (2.261 nand, openvpn, manual dns server of google, no force option). The client has got a manual ip adress of the network of eth1, he is able to ping it and back.

The linux client can do public dns queries against the gli router, but he has no connection to public targets in the internet over vpn.

And I am sure, that it worked before. What I have done was to change the openvpn profile. nothing more.

Does anyone knows what is the matter of? Does my description lacks of informations? notify me, I will add the information!



Does it work everytime you restart the vpn?

<i>Probably a problem in routing. Need ip configuration and routing of all interfaces including vpn.</i>



I did a new firmware flash, now it is working. thx!