LAn conflict on wan subnet

I have a slate plus that I am using with vpn, but consistently have issues connecting to wireless networks using repeater.

I thought to use the ethernet cable to the modem and slate plus, but when trying to connect at the apt. I’m renting, I get the error message:

Lan conflict on wan subnet. Please change LAN subnet to a different address.

Am I right to think this means change the slate plus IP address?

Would I do this by going to Network > LAN > Router IP address and change the xxx part below?

If I do this, then would I use that address (the new one I set) to access the router admin/config page?

While I am not technologically ignorant, I am not well versed in this stuff.

Help would be appreciated.


Can you post a screenshot or the log output of this msg? “Lan conflict on WAN subnet” makes it seem like your Slate Plus isn’t using DHCP for the WAN port. Check GL GUI → Internet → Ethernet → Protocol. DHCP should be the default.

GL’s default LAN subnetting is It shouldn’t have anything to do w/ the WAN of course.

Yes, just change it.

Yes, you need to use the new IP address to access the router admin panel.

Thank you both for replies.

Regarding Ethernet protocol, it was set to DHCP.

Changing the ip on the router seemed to help clear things up and everything is working fine when I connect via ethernet.

I am finding trying to connect via repeater is hit or miss, with more miss than hit, but at least for now, with ethernet, things are working.

I appreciate the replies and verification for my questions.

This might be worth a look: