LAN connection help

Maybe it is possible to block Ping to router (router must be invisible for Ping) but allow between devices and passing through (to for example)

So only router must ignore (without errors) pings, but other ones should work.

It's possible but totally useless. Why do you want to do so?

I can’t tell much due to privacy reasons but it is because too much too huge Ping packets. “Funny” prank.

Create a new firewall traffic rule in luci:

But be aware that this won't make your router invisible.

What? I clicked save, but nothing changed, still pingable.

What do you mean? I need just to block “pranker”. I can block MAC maybe, but this is “guest” I don’t want scandal

Check if you use the right source zone. If it's from guest network you need to set guest here.

There are still ways to "prank" your router. DNS DDoS for example - since DNS is mostly active.

Checked. I forgot to click “save and apply”. Just clicked “save”. Worked.

It then any way to discard all traffic from exact MAC without blocking connection to radio? I mean this “genius” should see something like “No internet”

You can go into the Client section (GL GUI) and choose "Block" on the device which tries to ddos you.


@admon you are live saver! It worked!