LAN hosts to VPN not passing traffic


Problem is: I have a server on the LAN side of the GL-MV1000 that requires a static IP and needs to talk to devices within my vpn network. I set the router as openvpn client and install cert successfully connecting to the vpn. However the server does not seem to pass traffic through the router to the devices? (if the vpn is hosted on the server it works fine)

Assuming my GL-MV1000 LAN network is the same as my VPN network these will talk?

Was hoping to use router as my vpn host, seems silly to have there just bridging the gap between ISP and LAN.

Hopefully this clarifies it a bit. The first image is what I want to achieve. The second image is what i have working at the moment. Basically i want to move the vpn config from the server onto the router.

Please help

I don’t quite understand your intentions, the network topology looks strange, but you can try the following method.