Laptop is able to connect to router but is unable to pass data

Hi All - I am in need of assistance. I have an AXT1800 and for one of my machines (work laptop) I’m having an issue with data coming through. From the connection manager, it says that it’s connected, however when I try to open a site (e.g., nothing would load. When I look through the router portal, I see that the machine is connected, but only B/s is being seen as opposed to my other devices where KB’s of data is passing through. This is also to note that I am able to get data pass through on my other devices (personal laptop, cell phone), but not on my work machine despite being able to connect and get data transfer just yesterday.

Thanks for any tips/advice anyone can possible send my way to reestablish a connection.

  • Chris

Hi, are you using firmware 4.2.0 and OpenVPN? There is a bug about DNS query failure after keep setting sysupgrade when use OpenVPN.
If that’s the case please do a factory reset and setup the router from scratch. :bowing_man:

Hi Hansome, yes I am using both firmware and OpenVPN. Would that be an issue even if my other machines are able to send/receive data through the AXT1800 router?

Also, if I factory reset and the firmware updates to 4.2 again, would I not encounter the same situation?

Thank you

Hi Hansome, returning back after my factory reset. It looks like you were correct. After firmware reset work machine was able to connect. Firmware is also still up to date at 4.2. All systems are go!

Thank you again for your input!