Laptop won't connect to internet when VPN is active


I have a GL-AX1800-909-5G with Firmware: 4.2.1 release4.

My MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Early 2015) running Mac OS Monterey version 12.4 will not connect to the internet when the VPN is active. It will connect if I disable the VPN.

My wife’s laptop connects fine with the VPN active, as well as our phones and iPads.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks in advance

I’m wondering if you inadvertently have a VPN policy set to block client devices from using the VPN & if so, the 'net in general (aka ‘Kill-Switch’ functionality).

(Another place to check is that devices aren’t toggled to be blocked in general (GL GUI → Clients → $device → Block WAN))

See these screenshots in a related thread:

Have you set up DNS manually on your MacBook Pro?

I don’t recall doing that.

The DNS Server setting shows

MacBook is now connecting!

I went through the post you referenced and suddenly everything works. I’m not sure what solved the issue but something did the trick.

Thank you.


I’m glad you got it sorted. Feel free to mark ‘Solution’ to let others know who may come across a similar scenario.