Large files cannot be downloaded if vpn client is enabled

Problem when downloading large files via http over the Internet. When downloading, the file is downloading at maximum speed, but after downloading 8GB the speed drops to 0 and the download hangs

Example file
Command: wget -O /dev/null
Output: 36%[=============> ] 3,64G --.-KB/s

There is no problem with the internet provider - I downloaded the file without any problems by connecting the cable directly to the laptop.

Also, the problem is not reproduced if you download a file from the local network between devices via wifi.

Update: It has something to do with VPN client, if you disable VPN client feature (wireguard and VPN Policy Base on the Target Domain or IP) then the problem goes away, when the VPN client is enabled, large files are not downloaded, even if the download is direct (not under VPN Policy)

Firmware version 4.1.0
type: release7
Router: GL-AXT1800 / Slate AX

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Tested on beta 4.2.0 - the problem does not reproduce

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