Last chance to pre-order Slate AX!

Wow! 300 units of our Slate AX’s super early bird and early bird were sold out within 38 minutes after launch!
Pre-order at $30 off the original price is still available at: :arrow_right: GL-AXT1800 - GL.iNet


In case you want a case to match this travel router, you can check here:

Could you explain the differences of the the Slate Plus (GL-A1300) and the Slate AX (GL-AXT1800) As I can decern, it is Processor, WiFi, Memory (RAM), Storage, Power supply all of which favor the Slate AX. Is there a particular use or market the Slate Plus is geared for.

Also I think Slate AX pre-orders should get sticker packs :smile:

You can check the comparison on our latest product catalog:

We will try to add stickers packs for pre-order customers.

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