Latest Firmware for X3000 Spitz-AX?

Hi! Looking at GL.iNet download center I’m having trouble telling which one is the latest firmware with the most features. There are a bunch of different release numbers and dates. Some of the dates overlap. Any guidance? Is the highest release number the latest firmware?

For Example:
Version: 4.0-release50303
Version: 4.0-release10301
Version: 4.0-release20300

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It looks like someone is trying to clean up the naming conventions (adding the release number to the title - it never used to be there) and is making things worse/more confusing. In particular, the “File Modified” date seems to be unintentionally changing to the date the title was changed. Hopefully, the admins can work on making this more transparent.

Anyway… the most recent firmware is at the top of the list (Version: 4.0-release10305). If you hover your cursor of the “DOWNLOAD” button, you’ll see the full filename of the firmware. E.g. 10305 is: openwrt-x3000-4.0-release10305-0707-1688700876.bin. Breaking that filename down:

  • x3000 - the model name, GL-X3000 - or Spitz AX
  • 4.0-release10305 - the major and minor version numbers
  • 0707 - The compile date in MMDD format (no year… which will be frustrating at some point in the future). In htis case, July 7. There is no timezone associated with it in the filename, so if you’re looking at something very recent it may actually show as “tomorrow”.
  • 1688700876 - The unix timestamp for the compile date/time. In this case, that’s Fri Jul 07 2023 03:34:36 GMT+0000. Here is an online timestamp converter if you’re interested - there are plenty more around.
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Amazingly helpful reply. Thank you @RVer

Hey @RVer do you know how to map the beta releases to the release notes on github? I wish the release notes were included with the beta releases themselves… Thanks again!

For example does the current beta release on the download site map to Release v4.4.2_x3000_release4 · gl-inet/gl-infra-builder · GitHub?


Ah, I see if I upload the firmware to my router I can see the release notes there… would be nice if they were on the beta download site!

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The same notes are also on the download page ! Just click in the Release note button below each release.

@SpitzAX3000 Thanks, but not on the beta page as far as I can see. GL.iNet download center

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You’re right it should be added on the beta page as well.

The release notes on the download page I find are often incorrect/not updated, but if you download the update then open the release notes in the update page they are accurate.