Lcd4linux support?

Hello developers!
In LuCi, the lcd4linux package is not very useful since it is shipped with no drivers!
(for example the LCD2USB driver)
Would that be possible to include the “full” lcd4linux ipk for the current release?
In embedded applications LCD screens are extremely useful!
Thank you very much,

Which model do you use? I can PM the ipk to you. I try to compile it, seems it depends kernel module.

Hello! Thanks for the reply!
I’m using the MT300N version one which is great!
I think the module is named LCD2USB
as per these intructions:

Hello Kyson!
I’ve managed to compile the IPK!
If anybody is interested I’ll post the howto.
Thank you very much for your support.

That’s great! Thanks a lot!

Hi, is available LCD4Linux.apk plugins that support MATRIX LCD2USB Module (2x16) .

Cheers R.