LEDE for the ar150?

Hi, What’s the best route to get LEDE working on the ar150?

Do I download the ar150 image directly from the lede-project.org (link)? Or use one of the gl-inet GitHub repositories (link) to generate the LEDE image? And if so which repository?


You can use the image from LEDE directly.

For example for stable release


Now we only have openwrt cc imagebuilder for AR150.

Thanks for this clarification!

I also have the GL-AR300M - in that case if I wish to install LEDE on GL-AR300M should I also get generic release or use your GitHub repository?


The generic LEDE target for the GL-AR300M works fine.

You will find that LEDE only supports NOR, which is a problem if you have the AR300M version with NAND as well as NOR as NAND is the default boot.

If you start up the uboot UI and it gives you both NAND and NOR reflash options you are good to go.

If it only gives a single NAND option you will have to upgrade uboot first so you can then reflash to NOR.

Finally once you have reflashed the NOR it will still boot into NAND and the switch on the side does not work as a boot NAND/NOR selector.

Instead you have to edit the /etc/rc.local file on BOTH NAND and NOR to change the default boot to NOR. (This can be done in Luci (Advanced in GL firmware, under Startup - custom scripts))

For the modifications, see:

This sounds complicated but actually is quite simple.