LEDE / Gli Firmware Update


I saw in an older thread that an a major new version / overhaul to GLI user interface was being developed.

I was wondering when that would be available for testing and if it was based on OpenWrt or LEDE?

It will work in OpenWrt and LEDE. We will release for testing later. Now it is not appropriate for public testing. Testing version can make people crazy!

Hi Alzhao - why don’t you release betas, so that bugs can be identified by users before releasing “test” versions?


sounds like it is still in Alpha testing and is not up to Beta testing specs

The GL user interface is still in testing, but the firmware already exists? If so, where would I find it?

I’d like to try a LEDE based version on the AR300M and would prefer to go with your version (if you have one) instead of raw LEDE.


beta will be out soon.

Any progress on the LEDE front?

LEDE will be remerging with OpenWRT, so there’s not much point in making a separate LEDE build.

>>> LEDE will be remerging with OpenWRT.

will should read “might”.

My main interest here is that I want a version with the up-to-date ‘wpad’ and ‘wpa_supplicant’ packages. I know the ones in LEDE work, but the current ones used in GLi’s openwrt version are outdated and do not work in my setup. (They don’t work with all WPA2-EAP setups.) So I don’t really care which way it happens as long as the newest packages are used here…

I recorded this requirement in my list.