I have my GL-MT300N-V2 up and running in repeater mode.

The power light is on and (green)

The middle light is (red) and flashing…Why???

I would also like to connect my Apple Time Capsule to the device and i’m clueless…

Ok, so no more red middle light.

Power light is green and the wireless light is flickering red. Is this normal?

@jbowlby GLI routers have red light for WiFi. Blinking means activity on WiFi.

Thank you! Everything is working now but very slow vs when we were just using the AT&T Mobley.

The VPN is not activated.

Any suggestions?

Is it possible to deactivate all LEDs?

Red for wireless is not good and we are changing all to green or white.

@jbowlby, are you using Mobley as USB modem? or using repeater? What is the speed?

I’m using the Mobley with a wireless connection. The speed is -49dBm

As USB modem

Speed, not signal.

How much Mbps can you get?

6.78 up

6.79 down

Here are 2 screen shots.

Did you ever figure out the slow repeater performance compared to directly connecting to the Mobley? I’m having the same problem, but not consistently.

I believe it’s the Mobley.
I’m not currently using the router due to the fact that we have added a Verizon jet pack.
We also use the Mobley but its not as dependable. I have it on a lamp timer to restart each night and that seems to help.
Please let me know if you run across any fixes for the Mobley.

Do you have the sleep setting turned off on your Mobley?

In my case there are only connection issues when connected through the repeater, not when connected directly to the Mobley. I’ve tested two laptops side by side (one connected to the Mobley and one to the repeater) and only the one connected through the repeater has problems. And it’s only intermittent - later on in the day both laptops will connect fine, at other times one will slow down dramatically while the other still sees full speed.