Lightway or shadowsocks

is there any way to use Lightway vpn protocol or shadowsocks on axt1800 VPN Policy Base On The Target IP /domain ?

Unlikely. And given that it’s only supported by one provider and there’s been almost no mention of it on the OpenWrt forums (and that mention was not positive), the long term prospects are not good.

As somebody said in the OpenWrt forums, it’s kind of like somebody is pushing HD-DVD (Lightway) when Blu-Ray (WireGuard) has already won. Lightway has some positives compared to WireGuard to be sure (the ability to use either AES or ChaCha being near the top of my list), but that’s unlikely to get everyone else to sign on.

Put a different way, if you were asked the question, “Why benefit does Lightway have that would make someone use it instead of, e.g., WireGuard?” I’m not sure there’s a compelling answer.

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