Limit Guest Network Download Speed

Any idea how I could limit the guest network speed regardless of MAC or IP address, as it can be done already once a device has connected (using a GL-AX1800

I believe you can Use SQM to do this. Need to install sqm-scripts, luci-app-sqm and maybe sqm-scripts-extra. Can only be done in LuCi. Use DSLreports speed test (May have to use Microsoft edge) should also be done with a wired connection. Take that number divide by half and then subtract 5% to 8% from each for overhead. You will set up 2 interfaces one for you normal network(lan or br-lan) and one for guest network(guest or br-guest). Que discipline I chose Codel and piece of cake.qos. Link layer should not need to be messed with unless you are using something other then a cable connection.

I am currently playing with it so I don’t now all the ins and outs if someone wants to chime in with something else or a mistake I made let me know

Their are some guides on openwrt or youtube you will just need to remember that you are using chaos calmer 15.(GL.iNet openwrt 21 is hopefully comeing which will expand things)

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Many thanks for that I will give it a go my main computer is hard wired anyway, I guessed it would be done in LuCi, much appreciated.