Limited Dual-band AR300MD for sale

Dear All,

We have limited quantity of Dual-Band AR300MD for sale. 404 Page not found - GL.iNet


  1. Only one per order, because we have limited quantity.
  2. Delivery will be this Friday or next week. Not necessary after Feb 6th because they are ready for delivery now.


  1. This is a hobbyist version, only for learning, playing and development.
  2. As we said, the ath10k firmware is still not very stable. In the LEDE firmware, the 5G is disabled by default due to a bug during first boot. You can just enable it manually after the router boot for the first time. It is OK to leave it enabled later, even when reboot. Hope to fix this bug later.
  3. When used in in heavy load, the router will be very hot. It is not supposed to work 7 days a week 24 hours per day.
  4. It works in good condition. We have mass deployment in business applications as monitor mode.
  5. The 5G module works as AP, STA and monitor mode, but not combined.
  6. Don't upgrade firmware ONLINE. It points to the online v2.25 firmware without ath10K.


  1. I cannot see 5G signal. Solution: enable 5G in admin web UI.
  2. I cannot get DHCP IP address from LAN. Solution: reboot the router.
  3. I have large packet loss after use for some time: Solution: The router is too hot, let it cool down for a while. Don't use heavy load.

The new uboot:

Uboot is further modified and now you can flash Nand or Nor flash from uboot UI or choose which firmware to boot using the hardware switch. Check the following docs.


Does the PoE chip work on this router?



No. It doesn’t have PoE.


In the future, will we see a model that supports rp-sma connectors for 2.4 GHz as well?

I decided to grab one.

Is the firmware on the device LEDE or OpenWRT?

@hymond, Firmware is LEDE.

@Justin, in the current case it is not likely to happen. Planing to design a new case.

Got the device. The added heatsink gives it a nice solid feel. It does get warmer than the non-5G version but it doesn’t seem excessive.

The NOR firmware doesn’t have the ath10k driver so the 5G wireless doesn’t work when booted from it. The LEDE firmware doesn’t have a valid distribution repository (points to a non existent CC dir) so no extra packages for now.


I was surprised how small it is - perfect fit for travel.

Now I am just trying to figure out how to have a list of SSID settings stored so one radio (2G) could associate to the available hotel WiFi while the other one (5G) is serving my devices. I have managed to get it working with one fixed SSID on the 2G side but haven’t figured out how I could pre-define different SSIDs so it would try the list and associate to the first one it encounters - this way I wouldn’t need to change the configuration almost ever if I just stay in certain hotels which always have similar SSID between different locations.

@Mikka, The firmware should comes with our repeater manager and does this job. It only manage repeaters on 2G. No?

Oh right - it kind of works. But for me it looks like it is actually configuring radio0 (802.11nac) and not radio1 (802.11bgn). I was looking use case which would be opposite and I was trying to figure out how to do that in the command line.

But maybe I will do the configuration with GUI and then just switch everything from radio0 to radio1 and vice versa in the command line.

It didn’t work like I was expecting, repeater manager defaults to configure radio0 and overrides my command line changes. I think it doesn’t yet support two radios and since 5G radio is seen as radio0 then repeater manager always defaults to that.

I guess best option is to disable repeater manager and configure manually radio0 as AP and radio1 as client. Then in the new location, just edit the configuration always manually so I don’t get the automatic association as I thought but I would get the target of having two radios enabled for different use. With wpa_supplicant it should be possible to achieve the SSID list and automatic association but seems that I would need some extra packages.

Maybe in the future firmwares … :smiley:


Can you be a little more specific about what hardware/soc you put in this dual mode version ?

We have more stock now.

This is the same SoC as AR300M

Is it possible to order one in or for the UK?

We don’t have stock in the UK. You have to order from our website and we will ship to UK.

Sorry to ask that I carelessly upgrade to v2.25. And no 5G module could be seen in the web UI. How I can roll back the firmware with 5G driver support. Thanks very much !

Sorry that I carelessly upgrade to v2.25. And no 5G module could be seen in the web UI. How I can roll back the firmware with 5G driver support? Thanks very much !



I’d like to install packages to the LEDE firmware on this device.


May I ask you to publish the packages for the shipped version 2.243 (Reboot SNAPSHOT, r2805+1-0e62cff)?

It’s ok to me if you provide a buildroot environment, or help how to build current LEDE snapshot with your patched for ar300md!



Please download the firmware directly from GL.iNet download center


@Szabolcs, GitHub - domino-team/lede-ar300m: Fork of LEDE 20170107 commit 8f0dc92 here is the LEDE source code. You can compile the firmware by yourself. To have 5G working, please compile ath10k driver but not ath10k-firmware. The firmware has been included as a file directly.

Thanks! Will give it a try!