Link two routers with VPN together


i have a GL-X750V2 4G LTE Smart Router with an VPN Client Setup, when i link my GL-MT300N-V2 to this router with also an VPN Client Setup and connect my PC to the GL-MT300N-V2 is the traffic routing trough these two VPN`s ? LTE → VPN1 → VPN2 → Internet


For vpn, there is one server side and multiple client side.

As you use X750V2 and MT300N-V2 as two vpn client, what is the vpn server?

for now i just configurated the MT300N with a “VPN Client” and connect with my PC ( works ) so i was thinking when i configurate the X750V2 also as “VPN Client” and connect with my MT300N and then the pc the traffic is routed trough two VPNs. So what is the best way to solve this ? Should i configurated the X750V2 as "VPN Server" and the MT300N as client ? The goal is i want to route all the traffic trough two VPNs

So you used your PC as vpn server and the routers as vpn client, and then want to build a Site 2 Site network. Pls note this is not automatically work.

The vpn server side, need to have some settings. It can control if vpn client can talk with each other.

So, you can use one router as a vpn server and another as vpn client.

But for a Site2Site setup, pls use our cloud based solution.

thank you, but is it also possible to have both router as VPN Client (1 router connect with protonVPN Server 1 ) and link this one trough the cloud based solution to the other router ( connected with protonVPN Server 2 ) to get the traffic trough these 2 VPN`s Servers?

Our Site-2-Site solution is using Wireguard which runs on the backend so it does not conflict with your current vpn.