Linking up two LANs on two routers

I have been working on two WANs (ISPs) but configuration on one router does not work.

So I am trying to work with two routers.

GL-AX1800 (

GL-AXT1800 (

I want:

  1. LAN will go through WAN of the same router, i.e.
    LAN on GL-AX1800 will go through WAN on GL-AX1800 (ISP-A) and
    LAN on GL-AXT1800 will go through WAN on GL-AXT1800 (ISP-B)

  2. clients on both LANs could access each others. i.e.
    192.168.8.x can access 192.168.9.x and
    192.168.9.x can access 192.168.8.x

Should I connect two routers with a cable LAN to LAN port?
How should be the configuration afterwards?


Connecting LAN to LAN will cause two DHCP server conflicts. It is okay if you will configure one of your router’s network devices using static IP.

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