Linux can't add IPv6 to interface ovpnclient: generic error (-13): Permission denied

Can not connect to VPN via client, getting this in logs:
daemon.notice ovpnclient[21118]: net_addr_v6_add: fd15:53b6:dead::2/64 dev ovpnclient daemon.warn ovpnclient[21118]: sitnl_send: rtnl: generic error (-13): Permission denied
daemon.err ovpnclient[21118]: Linux can’t add IPv6 to interface ovpnclient
daemon.notice ovpnclient[21118]: Exiting due to fatal error

Could you please help me?

What is the model of your equipment?

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It’s a GL-AX1800 router

Hi mif:

Is your vpn configured with ipv6?If yes, please delete IPV6.

It should use dynamic ipv6 addresses.

If it’s convenient, Please send me the vpn configuration to check.

I have this in the configuration file:

ignore-unknown-option ifconfig-ipv6
ifconfig-ipv6 fd15:53b6:dead::2/64 fd15:53b6:dead::1
redirect-gateway ipv6

Also I have IPV6 disalbed in the Network => IPv6 page.
What should I do in this case?

As I understand, inability to use IPv6 can lead to my real location will be available to some services. What If I need to use IPv6?

What if you enable it?