List of current feature requests 2022

Please consider assisting clients with a product that can host a network of Internet of things that need to talk to each other not guests and family or small business resources that need to be protected or isolated from these iot devices.

Great! In Spain there are some ISP offering 10Gbps over xgspon (Digi, Orange…). In others UE countries also it’s been suitable now.

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Client bandwidth graph There is no better solution to get it exact. The results are much better on Windows/MAC using professional software. So no development plans for now.


DNS Filter - Ability to override a specific client DNS servers, currently it’s only possible to override all of them.
I think it will be very useful, I use it constantly on a router from another company. For example you can put a family safe DNS for kids phones and a SmartDNS for the TV etc.

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But you guys already have this feature in the client page (up/down speeds per client) The only difference would be how it’s graphed on the webpage. It’s really doable.

Agreed! I would love this. My smart TV can’t handle adguard home DNS. So it needs regular DNS.

Can be done with adguard home settings page by adding a presistant client or in LuCi under interfaces advance settings.

In Adguard all clients appear as localhost, so no can do…
I’m luci obviously, but that can be said about everything requested here, it’s just not convenient at all.

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Here it is in adguard home:

and in LuCi

In luci you didn’t show only on specific client (it can be done however with firewall rules).
In Adguard it only works if it recognize the clients, in Flint it shows everyone as the same client.

Cause I have it configured in Adguard home settings page under persistent client using a mac address to identify the device. Actually just below where you fill that in it shows Runtime clients and IP connected.
I don’t think you are accessing the advance settings page of adguard home.
You keep saying it can’t be done I just gave two examples of how to do it.

Sorry, I misunderstood what you meant. I thought you needed to show all the WIFI bandwidths (or channels) around the router.
We have a development plan for the traffic statistics feature, both locally and on GoodCloud. We will first develop the traffic statistics graph for the interface and then we will pinpoint the clients.
But it won’t be soon. At least for 4.2/4.3 there are other, higher priority features to be developed.


Awesome. :+1:
All I really want to see is traffic statistics in a graph. Like you guys having good cloud. I’d like to have something native.

Would it be possible to also have a ping/latency graph?

Try installing Netdata

Then access :19999 example.(

There is also collectd and collectd-mod-ping

I have collectd installed already. :slight_smile: with grafana. I would like to have the solutions native to the UI. Such as traffic analysis per network, per client traffic, etc.

Check out my git

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Not sure what needs to be done, but change the system to get OpenNDS working on the slateATX1800.

2 feature requests for GL-ATX1800.

1: I run router 24/7 and would be great if i could set via router interface a time for the router to switch off automatically each day and then a time to switch back on. I.e it could shut off automatically between 02:00 - 09:00 each day.

2: Ability to switch temperature fan kicks off at 65 degrees down from current 70 degrees limit


There is no solution for self-booting in a completely shutdown status. At best, it can only wake up from sleeping. As an alternative, you can set the Wi-Fi to be switched off at night in a timed task.

This will cause the fan to not stop. The fan will have a much shorter life.


One feature that hopefully can get a quick turnaround would be the introduction of OpenVPN 2.6 (scheduled to come out 1 Dec), and specifically ovpn-dco, which at least in initial tests has resulted in massive performance improvements when connected to dco enabled servers. Given that the AXT1800 has substantially better AES-GCM performance compared to ChaCha20-Poly1305, OpenWRT might even be faster than Wireguard (again, when connected to a dco server).

The main hangup, unfortunately, is that dco won’t work on the 4.4 kernel without significant modification (but should on 5.4).

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