List of current feature requests 2022

OK thanks.
I am assuming that the AR750S-Slate (not to mention the AR750- Creta) will no longer be considered a high performance product, am I correct?

The AR750S is not suitable for use as a file server because of its very limited disk read/write capability.

NAS functionality would not be on my list of priorities for you except for limited sharing of movies or music for users that could tolerate complete data loss. Even with USB3, performance will be so-so, vulnerable to ransomware and disk failure, and impair the router functioning as a router.

I’ve been down this road with Asus-Merlin file sharing, and with a single disk Seagate NAS. The Seagate suffered complete data loss twice (failed disk). I’ve moved on to a real opensource NAS with redundancy.

But good luck with the project!

I don’t have much hope but… DFS support :sweat_smile:

DFS support needs to pass relevant certification, maybe some new products will be DFS certification, I can’t confirm.

This only about money.

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So far, I can’t get IPv6 and LTE to work. Maybe fixing this problem?
Also, DFS +1


I’m doing some testing on qos and we’ll be adding it to the firmware this year. Some tests for SQM and Buffbloat


Of course, there are many issues with IPV6 that we will fix.

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How about parents’ control, especially control devices in groups under different schedules.

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It would be nice if it was possible to set SIM Pincode in QMI Mode. Right now when I select cdc-wdm0 the Pincode field disappears. It works fine if I set the Pincode in standard mode and them switch to qmi, but after a while it asks for PIN again.

Also being able to set txpower in dBm like in Luci would be nice, though I understand than low high etc is easier to understand.

Add in GoodCloud option - add mobile (or not mobile) clients to main node wireguard s2s server (sure with access in all nodes networks and give fast clients config via qr code). So as not to create another wireguard vpn server on the router for clients

File Explorer in the Web UI

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GL-MT1300 Beryl
Easy way to turn off LED.
Able to turn off legacy WiFi support., i.e. a/n (would like to use ac only).


It would be great to be able to turn off XE300 via interface or GLINET software to conserve battery.

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Custom DNS over TLS.

Instead of only offering the option of Cloudflare or NextDNS for “DNS over TLS” it would be nice with a custom option. I use ControlD DNS over TLS and can only get it working on the router if enabling AdGuard Home and listing it as the resolver. Would much prefer to skip AGH and enable it directly.


Actually you can ssh to the router and check /etc/stubby/ folder which contains the DNS over tls settings. Just edit the file

@alzhao Yes - this is what I actually plan to do, but it would be nice if the configuration interface allowed it, like some other firmwares in the wild do (ie. AsusMerlin-WRT).

Add torrent (qbittorrent-nox or transmission) with gui or (and) add in Gl-iNet mobile app torrent remote control and add in GoodCloud

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I did find adguard home lets you specify a custom dns-o-tls address, you will have to delete the whole block list if you dont want any ad blocking though