Listen port issue

I’m following a video ( to set up remote access to my home network via my home IP.
I’ve learned a lot on Reddit trying to do this, but I’ve hit a roadblock. I’ve activated DDNS, configured the WireGuard VPN server, and set up port forwarding on my ISP router.
I can see my GL router listed, but the issue arises when I create a WireGuard client; it doesn’t have a Listen Port in the configuration sheet. Despite that i’ve followed all the steps in the video and pasted this info into my other GL router used as a VPN client. Even though everything seems connected, I can’t access the internet.

How can I add or force the listen port in my Wire Guard Client on the Gl router I intend to use as server?

Listening port is there its 52180. The 51820 is the default Wireguard (listening) port. You should have a port forward of 51820 from your main router to the IP address allocated by your main router to your gl.inet router.

Because you are using DDNS then you need to change the configuration file in the line under [Peer]
Endpoint = xxx.yyy.zzz.bbb:51820 where theres an IP address
Endpoint = your DDNS name of your internet facing router

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Hey limbot,

Yes I’ve done as you say thinking the same, but despite it seems to be configured alright, when I try to connect through my client I don’t have access to internet.

In the video I followed, there’s listen port in the configuration sheet in the interface part, can that be the problem?


The VPN Dashboard shows that the client is connected and there has been some traffic. Are you able to ping the other devices on your home network? If so, then I doubt the problem is the missing Interface ListenPort and may be a routing/firewall issue to the Internet.

Also, try to ping and, if successful, the problem may be a DNS issue.

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The Listen port on the wireguard client side may not be needed.