Live communication is more effective!

Hi all . Please tell me if there is a live chat in MatriX or Xmpp in which we could help each other much more effectively? The forum is good, but significantly less efficient than the live user chat.

It’s possible to chat with GL-iNet official support team in messenger.

You can also sent direct messages to forum users, but there is no real “live chat” for user to user support.

Frankly I don’t think it’s a great idea either, since there’s nobody to verify the information shared between. GL-iNet is mostly focused on beginners or people who want a quick good working setup. It would be a shame if someone trusted a troll, or just someone who overlooked something. In private live chat there’d be nobody to point that out🤷‍♂️


Thank you very much for your reply. If your phone app is in F-droid (Free and Open Source Software) I’m ready to install .
As for the chat, I agree that people will argue, but this is a natural process, it happens on the forum too, there are rules, there is moderation that regulates all this.

I suggested the two best protocols for today ( Matrix and Xmpp ) there are a large number of cross-platform programs that support them. I can also communicate with the community 24/7 on my phone or PC and share my experience. Official chat administrators can also answer. This is more effective in terms of obtaining information at times)) The whole of Hong Kong is sitting in chats and not on forums))

I humbly disagree; these forums/threads also provide reference material, to me anyway. The ‘discoverability’ of some of this information is already a challenge. I couldn’t imagine what would be lost due to the ephemeral nature of a chat.

You won’t find their app in F-Droid if it relies on Meta/Facebook’s Messenger as a dependency.



Thank you for the answer.

I’m keeping you safe.

Dozens of developers use live chat in matrix , xmpp or irc.

If one user can help another user here and now it’s great!

I didn’t say, and I didn’t mean to close the forum and move into chat rooms, and I suggest we make chat rooms more alive! That’s what dozens of developers do, like Arch Linux, there’s a forum and a chat. => Forum !

Public Rooms - Matrix Static => Matrix room

Arch Linux Chat Rooms - Internet Relay Chat => IRC room

We are trying Discord. Does that work for you?


Do you have a link for the discord? I’m interested in joining :slight_smile:

Same here, would like to join as well!

yes to discord please