Load Balance focuses on upload speed

Hoping to set up mobile live streaming using my Slate AXT1800. I’m using my mobile hotspot device via WAN port and tethering my cell phone data via USB port. I have Load Balancing set up, setting each connection to 10. How can I ensure the data prioritizes upload speed as I will be sending as much data as possible to get my live streams out?


Load Balance is shunt (function) for the multi-WAN port. It cannot improve WAN rate speed.

Probably you are required to the UL rate of multi-WAN aggregation (function), to stack the UL or DL bandwidth.This function also depends on the cloud aggregation server, and it is required, server works for re-package the data of UL.

Ordinary load balancing can only disperse your traffic to different network ports, there is no way to transfer in the way of data stream, bonding technology can solve your problem, we are doing this development, is expected to start in September will give you a trial.

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All load balancing does is send the connection to the quickest responding gateway at the time the outgoing connection is received. It cannot guarantee the upload speed will be quickest across any part of the network, even your own LAN..

But if bonding is going to be a thing then I'll glady break my routers for testing. Just throwing that out there..

Traditional TCP does not support data transmission over multiple physical links. In astrowarp, we will use MPTCP and MPUDP for link aggregation. In these technologies, data will always be transmitted optimally - optimally, not just fastest.