Load Balancing with tethering LTE Stick modem not working?

The LTE tethering Connection is working and the WAN (Router) Connection also.

In some cases also the fallback to tethering is possible when wan is not active (rarely).

  • I switched Metric in Members to 3 for WAN and Tethering and setted the weight to 3 WAN and 1 Tethering.

  • I also deaktivated the other Interfaces.

  • I also changed the lanIp to something other then the LTE Stick.

But there is no load balancing between them when I test for Ip?

mwan3 doen’t works good. We are fixing this but it breaks vpn. Still solving this problem.

Hi, did this get resolved?
As im beginning to try and sort load balancing between WAN or wifi and tethering from smart phone.

But i also use a VPN service, so just wondering if the mwan3 is working better now as its been a few years?


Yes. But we always try failover than load balancing.