Location issue

My GL-MV1000 router shows a location for another country. I had this router as a server and mini router as a client in another country, now any device I conect to this GL-MV1000 router has the location of that country. I reset many times the GL-MV1000 router and still has that location. I reset the setting of the browser ( like chrome, edge etc). Whenever I search something in google i shows I am in another country. If I goes to whatismyipaddress.com, it shows the IP address of my internet service provider but the location of another country. When I disconnect GL-MV1000, everything comes back to normal.

Does anybody know why this happen please?

Can you give details? e.g. screenshot.

It just looks like you set up MV1000 as client. You can send email to support@gl-inet.com if you do not want to post publicly.

You can switch on or switch off for testing, the Cloudflare DNS on GL router. This is known on other constellation for doing wrong thinks on DNS. See the follow DNS leak: