Lock to specific operator or cell? (X750 Spitz)

Is it possible to lock the router to a specific cell? My operator leases cells from a competitor, providing extra coverage but with a data cap. So I want X750 to only connect to my operator’s own cells, giving me unlimited data. Is there an AT command or some other method to enforce this?

I have all the information of the cell I want to connect to, including mnc and cellid.

Maybe read through this, the EP06 commands should be same or or similar. https://forums.quectel.com/t/lock-ec25-modem-on-a-specific-plmnid/2965/14

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Thank you! I found the manual for EC25 which had the information I needed.

First, I executed AT+COPS? to get the current setting, which for me returned:

+COPS: 0,0,"ice+",7

The syntax for the command is <mode>[,<format>[,<oper>][,<Act>]]. I think 7 means LTE for my EC06, I’ve configured it to only connect to LTE.

After a bit of trial and error, this command seemed to do the trick, returning OK:


I used 4 as mode, which falls back to automatic mode (0) if the operator is not found.

Note that the command only worked when I used single quotes. For some reason, double quotes resulted in +CME ERROR: 22, meaning “not found”. Took some experimenting to figure out.

A final AT+COPS? command confirmed that the change was saved:

+COPS: 4,0,"ice+",7

Hopefully this is useful information for someone else out there :slight_smile:

Suggestion to GL-iNet:
It would be nice to have this as an AT command shortcut, similar to “Set band”.


If you lock LTE, seems that there is a different AT command

I have that set also, but it wasn’t enough for my case. I needed to lock to only one specific LTE operator.