Login su wan via lan

how can i access the interface panel on the web wan port from the local pc
the pc uses a subnet

is it possible to access?

Not sure what you’re using it for, can you simply describe your network topology?

Normally you only need to open port 80 in the firewall page, but your description involves multiple subnets and I need to know your connection topology.

main router
GL.net on wan on
desktop pc via lan to
i can’t get into

I can only if I connect the desktop to glnet wifi

First, you should open port 80 on glinet router.

And then, you can manage the router through the router’s WAN IP, note that it is not

ok perfect thamks :slight_smile: ok perfect thamks :slight_smile:

one more thing, is it possible from the network to go to a device in the primary network

Open the port on the firewall of the corresponding device, and you can access it directly.

and to open all ports be transparent to my main router?

You need to open the access device, not the main route. For example, if you set the network to a home network on your PC, your device is still secure because you still have the firewall protection of the primary route

to have access to my entire home network which port should I open the one of the main router

You don’t need to do anything with the main route, and if the device on the LAN doesn’t have security Settings, you can access it directly.
If the device has security Settings, you need to set security policies on the device to be accessed.

if I’m connected to ect… and I want to go to a device that is present on ect… I don’t see the device

dmz ON ?