Login to sub nodes in mesh mode


I have two router in mesh mode, and I can see the main node and the sub node when I log into the main node - my question is - how can I log into the sub node and update it if I need to?

Thanks in advance

B2200? B1300?

In B2200 you cannot login to sub node.

Hey… I actually ending up getting the b1300 to be a subnode for b2200. I can log into the subnode via ssh once I knew the ip.

Yes you can use ssh.

This should be disabled in B2200

Hello, I have problem like that.
I have 3 routers, GL-Inet B1300(2) and Mikrotik(1).
one as the main node (bridge mode to mikrotik) and the other as the subnode.
I know all IPs, main or sub.
I tried ssh to sub node and got access denied (user and pass are correct) and also the web gui of the sub node is connection refused. but if I disable mesh, its work to ssh. Do you know how to solve this?