Looking for a proxy solution

I have AR300M connected to our network at work using cable (i.e. RJ45 from WAN port of AR300 to a network port in the wall here). I have a WiFi AP setup on AR300 called “My Test”. Our work network has a proxy that requires authentication. Basically I need to provide proxy configuration in WiFI clients along with user id and password. Then I am able to browse internet.

I am wondering if there is a way to do this transparently on AR300 so that its WiFi clients get internet access without having to configure proxy.

I am aware of cntlm proxy (http://cntlm.sourceforge.net/) that can be configured with a user id and a hash which acts as a proxy to clients, but does authentication with main proxy on clients behalf using the configured credentials. The client pcs still have to set their http/https proxy to the PC where cntlm proxy is running. I am looking for a way that doesn’t need any kind of proxy configuration on client PCs.


some pcs look for automatic proxy config proxy.pac or wpad.dat

so you could config dnsmasq to point the needful domain to router

then host the proxy config file on router web server

I am looking for transparent proxy solution so that the PC or device using this router be able to access internet without any configuration.

This is the best link I have found so far that talks about a way of doing this using iptable rules and tinyproxy.


tinyproxy doesn’t have support for proxies that require authentication. I would rather use cntlm proxy for this.

I am wondering if there is a port of cntlm that runs on Ar300M platform.




I ended up installing squid and configured it to use upstream proxy with credentials. It seems to be working fine if I configure each client to use proxy at port.

I am still looking into configuring squid to work as a transparent proxy.

thanks for the update, good to know