Looking for a router to bypass country limitations


I connect to the internet using a fibre modem with a DHCP-server. Behind that there’s a switch and several access points around the house.

Since I’d like to access contact outside my country I regularly use VPN on my pc.

I would however like to add VPN to other devices too like my PS4 and TV.

Will one of the routers presented here work for this task?

Should I buy a high-end router like the GL-AR300m and could I simply use OpenVPN with a subscribed VPN service like Cyberghost or VPNExpress to gain access?

Thank you for answering my newbie questions!

All of the devices offered by GLi will have the same technical capabilities relative to OpenVPN as they run basically the same software. There are differences between the units in terns of CPU, flash, ram and other capabilities (GPIO for example). OpenVPN is resource intensive, so the GL-AR300M will likely give you the best performance.

OpenVPN may substantially impact your speed. You can probably be happy for video with 7Mbps or more, not sure how fast you need for games, though latency will probably be more of a factor. You have not stated how fast your fiber is.

Thank you for your reply RangerZ.

I was primarily looking into streaming video from netflix and amazon. My fibre is 300 Mbps.

I guess I’ll give it a shot then and see what works.

The alternative would have been to buy some sort of a mini-PC for the living room and connect it directly to the TV set.


I can generally attain the required speed on my AR150 when my connection is fast enough, and yours is a lot faster than mine. Still, horsepower is your friend (for encryption), so the AR300M is probably the best choice in GLi. Also check the speeds offered by the services.

Unclear if running a router behind a router will offer you any pass through\firewall issues.

Just a feedback for anyone that may be looking into the same issue.

I hooked up the AR300M today. It works like a charm. What a great peace of hardware. Thank you GLI!

When you get some time, can you please post some speed tests with and without VPN. Also please let us know what VPN your are using and what country(S).

http://www.speedtest.net/ or similar.

I ran Speedtest.

I am in Switzerland using Cyberghost VPN to connect to a server in Germany.

I got upload and download speeds of constantly 5Mbit/s.

Video streaming runs smoothly.

hallo palex,


wie ich den post von dir entnehmen kann, hast du den ar300 am laufen und benutzt ihn für cyberghost.

das selbe möchte ich auch nutzen - aus deutschland zu euch in die schweiz rein.

leider bin ich etwas verwirrt und bekomm das nicht zum laufen.

kannst du mit nen tipp geben.