Looking for a SIMPLE, BASIC, CHEAP travel router

I HAVE a GL-iNet AR750S EXT. It works FINE. There’s a cell phone permanently tethered to it. It keeps the cell charged and it works as well as he Visible network works.

BUT, I have another cell phone and want to tether it when needed. SO, I need another travel router. It doesn’t have to do ANYTHING but have a cell phone tethered to it, keep itself functional and the cell phone charged, and turn the cell phone into a hotspot so I can connect a couple devices. And NO, I cannot do that directly from the cell phone - it’s Visible.

I"m on Visible.com so it’s NOT going to run fast enough to strain ANY router (at least I can’t imagine it will).

I don’t know what all the other things the 750S is capable of, and probably don’t need them, so I’m looking for a $20-25 unit, NOT an $80 one (or 75 or 69 whatever another 750 would cost). I can find several on Amazon, but I have NO idea what’s different about them or which one to get for this most simple of needs.

I presume since the router isn’t reaching out for a signal, antenna don’t matter, and it only has to cover a single room, I presume the GL-AR150, MT-300N-V2 or GL-AR150 mini travel would ALL do the job of creating a hotspot - WHICH one do I need for what I’m doing?

You can just use MT300N-V2.

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Thanks for the reply. I’ll get one ordered this week.

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