Looking for developer to build out custom ar150 configuration

I am looking for a developer to work with to configure a custom software build for the AR150 router. We have a version but am in need of a drastic update of our current configuration.



There’s more than a couple of folks that might be open to help out perhaps - but you’ll need to be more clear with your needs/requirements.

We are using the AR-150 Router from GL-iNet running the default OpenWrt firmware version for a commercial project. We had worked with a developer to modify this firmware a bit to fit our custom application: Custom UI, additional modem commands to support our specific modems, custom LED configuration, additional USB drivers to support various USB/Serial devices, custom API so that our other software can make API calls to the device to instigate actions (dialing out over our modems, reading position information from connected devices and sending that as an email using connected modem. The developer has left the company and they have left us with little documentation relating to these changes.

We are now in need of bringing this up to date with the latest version of OpenWrt with all the latest security fixes as well as confirming that our firewall configurations are correct. We also need to make sure that our UI for custom firewall entries is as user-friendly as possible. As part of this update, we have a few things that would be updated such as a few more firewall entries for the default configuration, additional communication structure between the device and our software for improved usability. I am not completely sure if the best way to do this is to just update what we have or to start from scratch. There is not that much happening and we have a good starting point but I need an OpenWrt knowledgeable person to take what we have and bring it up to date.

I have a pretty good list of the files that have been updated/added. We will need to arrange to send a copy of our current config (.bin) and then a key file and password so you could ssh into the unit.

Please contact me if you are interested in this product. Jeff@ocens.com

I would love to help out, but just very busy with work stuff…

Good news is you’re based on the AR150, so bringing it up to current 18.06 is fairly straightforward for the base code, and then pulling in the changes your previous dev implemented.

Since you mention that you have an Openwrt .config file in hand, is it safe to assume that you also have the rest of the OpenWRT directory?

If so - I would back that up into a tarball, and keep it in a safe place (or two, just to be sure - lessons learned here do apply).

@jeffsf is an active member here, and has deep insight into the AR-150, AR-300M (and others) and also is a regular member over in the OpenWRT forum - I’ve chatted with him in the past on several topics, and I consider him a pretty sharp expect on the platform.

Best of luck.

I have the full .bin as well as have copied the entire dir from the unit. Would love to have you look at it. I think it would be pretty straight forward. Hopefuly @jeffsf can get in touch with me. Thank you for following up and do let me know if you have any time.