Looking for paid assistance with scritps for GL-E750!

Hello, I have a GL INET GL-E750. I want to add some features to the router and looking for someone who helps me. I am also willing to pay something.

I managed to change the IMEI with the AT Command:
IMEI (repair) AT +EGMR=1,7,“123456789123456”
I would like to automate that now. I would like to add a list of IMEI numbers to the router, from which it takes one out and uses every time it reboots a new IMEI automatically.

I want the router to display the current IMEI in the LCD menu.

The router should change the VPN server (wireguard - mullvad) automatically after a specified time or similar. an alternative would be if you turn the switch on the left up or down once that it changes the server to a random one. alternatives would also be possible

  1. If possible, I would like to have all of this as a script or something similar, so that I only have to add it to a new router. At the end I should be shown how to set it up again.

and i have one more question. if i change the imei with the above command, will it really be changed in the chip, or only visually in the portal?

Anyone who can help me with the above points can earn good money :slight_smile: