Looking for universal sim router


looking for universal sim router which can be used during travel (North Amer, Europe, Asis etc,.).
Is this possible with single sim router? or do I need to buy separate router for each region?

For the older 4G only range: Spitz, Mudi, Puli it’s about the card. The “global” card is the EG25-G module.

I use a Mudi E750 with a quectel card EG25G all over the world without problems. The only thing is that I need to swap sim cards on destination.

Why would one pick this router vs directly UBS tethering from phone to other router such has flint?
any cons here?

The Mudi GL-E750 is a self-contained unit that contains a battery and is quite compact. The Mudi V2 GL-E750V2 will be available shortly with different 4G modules and faster charging time. Both models are available with global 4G modules.

You can tether a smartphone to a non-cellular router, but that involves 2 separate devices, cables and chargers, so greater size and weight. The router would have to be plugged to a powerbank or electrical outlet all the time. If you do it this way, make sure to test in advance that the smartphone and router are compatible and work together.

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Assuming your only talking about a single phone and not a dedicated data one, then when you need to make a phone call AND be on the internet, you’re restricted by the length of the USB cable and the position of the router.

You could use the repeater function to connect to a hotspot on your phone, but this would consume battery.

For me it’s all about convenience of having a single 4G/repeater device with its self contained battery (in the case of the Mudi or the Puli). The disadvantage is you need two mobile plans, one for your normal phone and a data sim for your Gli.inet device for maximum convenience.