Lost GPIO Pins P4RX+/-/TX+/- P0RX+/-/TX+/- : How do we use them like GPIOs?

What are these Pins used for ?
How can we use them for Bitbanging like GPIO ?

# P4RX+ ??   p36 
# P4RX- ??   p37 
# P4TX+ ??   p38 
# P4TX+ ??   p39 
# P0RX+ ??   p41 
# P0RX+ ??   p42 
# P0TX+ ??   p43 
# P0TX+ ??   p44 

Where is GPIO25 pin# ?

Are P0RX+/-/TX+/- and P4RX+/-/TX+/- for the Ethernet ?

Is so, can this be disabled to use these port pins for Bitbanging ?

PO and P4 is for Ethernet. I don’t think it can be used as GPIO.

there is no GPIO25

But, any way to use P0 + P4 ?

Hi, I’ve been wondering the same thing and after some research I ended up ordering some “MagJack” ethernet connectors with built-in resistors, LEDs, and pulse transformers. They are through-hole parts that allow you to simply connect wires from the P0/P4 pins (Or others if you don’t have an ethernet tile) to them for use. I got them at Element14/Farnell and the mfr. part # is SI-52008-F and were $3.74 each. HTH, been a while since the question was posted.