LTE Provider edit X300B

Hello, I have an X300B with version 3.217.

I have per now always connected only by wifi. Now I wanted to use LTE via the box. I use a German Telekom SIM card just in Sweden. I only reach 10Mbps. Over my cell phone I reach but 160 Mbps in the same place!

On my cell phone I had to change the network provider, in this case to “Telia”.
How and where can I do that with the X300B? Where do you even see which network you are dialed into?

Thanks for your help!

Hi samke:

Which band is on your phone?

Please exec AT command on the x300B:

Hi, thanks for the quick response.

I had meanwhile updated to version 4. now I get 22M! And the provider “Tele2” is now also displayed to me, which uses the box.

With “Tele2” on
Mobile phone (IPhone 14 pro) I also only reach 22M - so that’s the same.

If I set the cell phone to the provider “Telia”, I get 160M on the cell phone.

So I have to switch the box to “Telia”. How do you do that? Do you have to change the “band” for this? On which “Band” can I find “Telia”? The “band” are only numbered on the box and have no name.

The AT command mentioned above results in “Error” as the output.


I think my iPhone is in Band 3. So I can see in the Service Cell Info.


unfortunately Error

Does this information help us further? I once set band 3, but stays at max. 22m and the provider unfortunately also stays with Tele2.