LuCi Interface to Web

I am really new to GL.INET products and it’s fair to admit that I ma new to fire walls, VPN …etc. Saying that, I am a quick learner and has managed to setup my Slat to access my network remotely and setup a VPN.

The ISSUE: I have a Brume 2 that I used at home. I installed LuCi interface on it… it’s TOOOO complicated for me and deviate the simplicity that I was looking for using these products. I want go back again to the standard web interface for GL.iNET that came with the product…help
what I tried so far:
a- factory reset…didnt work, I lost the setting but it still direct me to the LuCi interface
b- I tried the derricking method (Uboot using openwrt-mt2500-4.2.0-0314-1678763050 and openwrt-mt2500-4.6.0-0419-1713462600)… still the same.

As I explained earlier, I am new to this. detailed step wise approach is much appreciated.
Regards to this group (really helped me in the initial setup/learning process

Just clear your browser cache,
or use a different browser
or use a private browser window

Thanks a lot… you made it very easy for me.