Luci is missing on MT1300

Is it normal that in settings/advanced/luci is missing on my new arrived MT1300 ?
firmware openwrt-mt1300-3.200

in plugins, refresh repo, search luci and install it.

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Thank you alzhao, now luci is available , but i have another problem , mainly i use torguard with wireguard and its working perfectly an fast , but i am not able to use OpenVPN client i receive the message below. . .

Could not determine IPv4/IPv6 protocol
SIGHUP[soft,init_instance] received, process restarting

note: i didn’t activate the IPV6

Seems a bug. Can you fix the protocol in ovpn file. For example
proto udp4
proto tcp4

Now its working , only by changing :.
VPN port 1912/sha256 to
VPN port 1195/sha256

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Can you show the ovpn file and let me have a check?