Luci Switch network menu missing

I 'd like to know how to manage the VLAN configuration without the Switch tab on the network menu.


Did you resolve this issue, the missing switch menu when changing router to Access Point Mode (AP Mode)?

I am struggling with same thing.

Flint 2 GL-MT6000
4.6.0 beta 2

Could be also different hardware for Luci to offer a "switch menu".

Perhaps like something as this: Missing Network->Switch menu - Installing and Using OpenWrt - OpenWrt Forum

Edgerouter Lite does not have a switch. The three ports are independently connected to the CPU, like cards in an x86 box.

I think the solution is here: Setup VLANs on GL-MT6000

To setup the VLANs:

Go to Network → Devices
Edit existing br-lan
In Bridge VLAN filtering

I’ve sold this device … it has a very buggy firmware

Hopefully then this info would help anyone asks the same question regarding the "switch".

I think I found the answer in this: