Luci web interface static / policy routing


So i have configured in the luci interface two VPN interfaces that are successfully running. So i have an OpenVPN and Wireguard VPN setup on my GLINET router . I would like all of PC1 (with static IP X) traffic to go through the OPENVPN interface, and all PC2 (with static IP Y) traffic to go through the Wireguard VPN interface.

I confirmed both VPN interfaces/servers are running properly as ive tested them individually and i can get both pcs connected to the internet through each one. I have tried policy based routing in the LUCI interface and set the IP of each to go a specific interface however it does not work and they go to the interface labeled default gateway and hence the same vpn. Any advice or examples on how i need to set it up?

So i tried policy based routing which did not work which is in the first image, then i disabled that and tried static routing which is in the 3rd image which did not work either. i am fine with either method , static routing method preffered though if it is possible. But i am not sure what to put in the fields.