M300 Nano / mt300n-v4 forgotten?


are there any plans to release a firmware that brings the M300 Nano / mt300n-v4into a working state anytime soon? It seems there existed a 3.1 firmware at some point but got pulled and the original firmware is not working either for most people. E.g. for me it does not even do repeater mode.

It is a lovely device but seems to be completely off the radar.

I agree this is a forgotten device. In January I tried the 3.100 code on my microuter-N300 and it did not work, so they pulled the code, and said it would be fixed later. It is now March, and the code has not returned to the site. It is a cute box that is gathering dust on my table, waiting on new code.

If it is not going to be supported, it should never have shipped.

@eric @alex412342
The N300 is currently being debugged and compatible. There will be a 3.1 firmware update soon, please be patient, thank you.