MAC address modification from LAN to WAN

Hello Friends:

This is my inaugural question here, as I just successfully completed the install of a MT2500A Router in Route Mode.

I’ve run into this before, where routers usually modify the LAN side MAC address to something else before it exits the WAN side. TP-Link, for example, modifies the last three octets but leaves the first three octects untouched.

(Note: Normally MAC changes wouldn’t matter except I have MAC Address blocking and need to adjust the whitelist).

So, I need to know the scheme that the MT2500A and similar models use to alter MAC address from LAN to WAN. It’s like a little recipe.

Does anyone how they do it?

Thank you :blush:

Lan and Wan each have a separate mac address.
As wan mac is xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:aa,lan mac is xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:ab.

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Thank you. Yes I understand that part. I don’t mean the MAC addresses of the Router ports themselves. Rather of the clients connected to the LAN side.

On the LAN side, the MAC address is the client’s manufacturer assigned physical address, of course. But on the WAN side each of those client MAC is modified, for example having the lower three octets modified in some way.

This is determined by the router manufacturer.