Mac clone not working on inflight AA wifi

I travel AA often and need to purchase inflight wifi throgh my company phone. After that, when i try to mac clone my beryl so i can connect other devices, it always end up to the payment page even though beryl has my phone’s mac. Any ideas?

I think you are running into a issue with random MAC address on your phone. You will need to disable this feature then login on the phone using the phones actual MAC address then you can clone it to the routers.

What is the phone OS?
What GL.iNet device are you using?
What is the firmware version running on the device?

The mac on phone is fixed. Its an android phone. And am using beryl MT1300 with latest firmware.

I didn’t use the router on flight although someone said it works.
The flight WiFi is generally so slow.
United airline can change device if you login with your account and pay for the WiFi.