Mac whitelist for wifi


I was wondering if it was possible to use mac filtering like the one from luci for wireless internet.

Currently I’m using Ax1800 but when I look into luci this is not there.

Is there a package or will it be added in the future as a feature?

Hope following command help:

# clear mac list
iwpriv ath1 maccmd 3

# add mac to list
iwpriv ath1 addmac 38:89:2c:c8:77:3a

# get mac list
iwpriv ath1 getmac

# use mac list as whitelist
iwpriv ath1 maccmd 1

# use mac list as blacklist
iwpriv ath1 maccmd 2

# kick a mac
iwpriv ath1 kickmac 38:89:2c:c8:77:3a


Thank you, I will try this later.