Macbook Share Internent via USB

I’ve got a newer macbook pro and the 750m Travel Router. Is it possible for me to connect my laptop via WiFi to a hotels captive portal, then share the internet connection via USB to the travel router? I have a USBC to USBA cable that i used to connect the laptop and router, but I cannot figure out how to share the internet to the router. The same cable works when connecting the router to a 5g hot spot.


Hotel - MBP - Router - All (Phone, Tablet, …)
This makes no sense. The purpose of the router is to be the gateway to all other devices.
This setup will make the routing much more complicated, even though it should work.
Since I’ve got no MacBook, googeled ‘Mac OS Internet Connection Sharing’ (a term from Win95) → All the Ways to Share Your Mac's Internet Connection

The better way is:
Hotel - Router - All (MBP, Phone, Tablet …)
That is the reason why the routers have the ‘clone MAC’ function.

But maybe you can tell me one reason why your setup is better in any way I can’t imagine.

When I connected the router to the hotel WiFi my devices kept loosing their connection to the router.

A number of users on this forum have reported not being able to connect to some hotel captive portals (notably Marriott), even after trying turning off DNS rebind attack protection, cloning MAC, changing TTL, etc.

The MacBook only supports Thunderbolt Bridge to another MacBook, not to a router, nor Windows PC.

Instead, you should be able to plug in a Thunderbolt to Gigabit Ethernet Adapter and connect to a router port via Ethernet cable.

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I thought that might be the case and got a USB-C to Ethernet adapter and was able to get this working yesterday.