MagentaTV is jerking


I have aGL.iNet GL-MV1000W (Brume-W) running my magenta TV (German TV) settopbox can’t play live tV smoozly anymore the connection is LAN my smartTV plays Netflix in 4k without any issues. also connected to the Brume.
Magenta says if it works without the router it is not there problem…

Any idea?
Bandwith over Wifi 27 Mbit/s
no von ext the Brume is only used as a router with DHCP

Maybe try QOS and set to 80-90% of your average speed. Could be buffer bloat and QOS should help that.

In the Web interface there is Application → IGMP Snooping. I guess, you played with that already. Although I am in Germany too, I have no MagentaTV to test with. Did you ask the OpenWrt community whether this is compatible with MagentaTV? There exists a longer discussion…

By the way, do you really need the Brume-W as switch for for your setup box? If not, you could use the Brume-W as cascaded router and use the routing feature of your DSL modem instead.

thanks the problem is that i have 2 internet connections one with telekom and one with Glasfaser 90% of my network clients are using Glasfaser but for the next 18 month my telephones and TVs need Telekom.
The problem is that MagentaTV needs DHCP (wtf) and I have DHCP running with my Glasfaser Router. So I am unsing GL.inet router only to seperate the networks. I have no VPN running.

Sadly changing th QOS did not work ether…

You could create a VLAN for the setup box and the landline phones. If those cannot VLANs, place a smart-managed switch in front of them which does the job. Then, you can split that traffic again near the Telekom Deutschland access. Should be solvable with less than 20 €.

However, you mention Wi-Fi. Can you picture you whole network? For example, is your setup box connected not via cable but wirelessly? In that case, did you test a cable connection? If that helps, you might hit another abnormality of GL.iNet routers – at least with my GL.iNet White (AR150) they do not disable the old IEEE 802.11b rates in Wi-Fi on default. This can be turned-off via LuCI …